Portfolio: Town Hall Project

Town Hall Project

Town Hall Project believes that every citizen, regardless of geography or party affiliation, should have the opportunity to speak with his or her representatives about the issues that impact them, their families, and their communities. That’s why they’ve built the most comprehensive list of member of Congress’ public events in the country as a road map for people to stand up and speak out to lawmakers that represent them. Their work is guided by the belief that democracy requires engaged citizens, and they’re here to help make that happen. They’ve partnered with other organizations like CAP Action, MoveOn, and Indivisible.

Paolo, of The Spry Group, aided the Town Hall Project in developing a polished mobile friendly site to promote upcoming Congressional forums. The information is displayed in a multitude of ways, including live maps with directions, and is partnered with a strong volunteer outreach effort in order to build a long term sustainable movement. In addition to the website itself, Spry Group built data collection tools to crowd source information and videos, streamline research, and save time while improving the over all depth of coverage provided.

Technologies utilized:

  • Node.js
  • Firebase
  • MapBox