Geneva Services

Our core team has installed and maintained Geneva at some of the world's largest hedge funds, prime brokerages and fund administrators.


We can painlessly guide you through hardware requirements, software licensing requirements, and software installation for Advent Geneva. Our final installations are thoroughly documented and integrated into your infrastructure.


Moving to Advent Geneva from an existing platform can be a tedious process. There are many issues to keep in mind such as operational workflows, accounting differences, software integration points, and reporting. We're ready to assist you building a project plan to address the challenges ahead and provide a helping hand during the entire process.


Minor and Major upgrades of Geneva can have their challenges. We've worked with Geneva from version 5.5 to Geneva 9. We're familiar with many of the challenges you will face. Whether you're upgrading minor versions and just need to have an environment setup to reconcile the versions and gauge the impact of accounting changes, or you're upgrading a major version with extensive accounting and integration point changes, our expertise is at your disposal.

Business Continuity

Are you comfortable with your Geneva Backup and Disaster Recovery practices? We can help you decide which Business Continuity policies are appropriate for your Geneva environment. Whether you require an always available environment that can scale to meet demand or a simple cold spare and backup, we're ready to help you satisfy your business continuity requirements.


Do you know your Geneva environment is running optimally? Do you know if you're starting to push the limits of your hardware and need more memory? Your Geneva database will grow over time and we track the key system metrics that will allow you to be proactive in managing your environment rather than reactive. We monitor disk usage, disk i/o, memory usage, cpu utilization, network utilization, and application availability with a year of history providing invaluable insight for capacity planning, troubleshooting, and performance tuning.


An accounting system does not stand alone in a modern organization. It shares information with counterparties, market data providers, order management systems, risk systems, data warehouses, and other line of business applications. We're experts in extracting data from and loading data into Geneva. We understand its data model and interfaces better than most in the business. Whether it's EZE, AIM, Bloomberg, Tradar, GlobeOp, JPM, MS, or BNY we have integrated with them. Let us facilitate integrating your systems.

Report Development

Reporting is fundamental to your Geneva experience. We're on hand to create custom reports, improve the performance of your existing reports, or upgrade your legacy reports to the latest version of Geneva.

WFM Accelerator Development

Workflow Manager is a great tool that comes with Geneva for automating daily operations. We are one of the few companies that specializes in Custom Accelerator development. We can upgrade existing BizTalk accelerators to the new .NET WFM format. We can automate counterparty and OMS extracts for your daily operations. If you are a 3rd party service provider or application vendor we can create and package WFM accelerators for your product.

Systems Administration

Geneva is a complex application with components that run on both Unix and Windows. Not all companies have the in house skill to support and administer a complete Geneva environment. We're happy to install complete Geneva environments on bare metal, virtual machines, administer existing environments, or train your administration team and provide on call support for unplanned issues.